CryptoKitties Unveiled Some Issues In The Ethereum Network Functionality

About fifteen percent of the whole Ethereum network traffic is formed by the CryptoKitties game. The process of collecting, breeding and trading virtual felines attracted more than 100,000 new users over the weekend!

But the app unveiled some serious issues in the Ethereum network functionality. One of them sounds like this: if one app can create such a bottleneck, is the Ethereum network actually ready for scaling?

The CryptoKitties case is an important milestone in the evolution of the blockchain technology in general, and Ethereum network in particular, so let’s consider it in more detail →

The Dedicated Software Development Team Or In-house Crew – How To Make A Right Choice?

The choice between hiring a software development team and building it in-house is vital for most of the startups. Moreover, the life and death of the future business could entirely depend on it. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each approach!

What’s inside the following article?

  • The benefits of hiring a dedicated software development team;
  • The drawbacks of choosing dedicated software developers;  
  • The pros of building an in-house soft dev team;
  • The negative sides of having an in-house team.

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Hiring A Dedicated Team Of Developers: The Main Pitfalls

It’s better to have a dedicated crew of software developers when you bring the startup idea to live. The one that is quick on the uptake and already helped you accomplish a bunch of project. But in the real world, most often such a team is out of range, and you have to start the complicated hiring routine. There are such possible courses of actions:

  • Searching by recommendation
  • Searching on the Internet
  • Hiring through freelancer workplaces
  • Contacting over the social media or LinkedIn
  • Hiring from a Managed Services Provider
  • Meeting software developers on conferences, meetups, and hackathons

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of these approaches →

Google will distrust of Symantec SSL certificates — stay on the safe side!

A heated discussion between Google and Symantec regarding the validity of some SSL certificates proceeded throughout the whole last year.  13 month-long grace period was given to allow Symantec to do some internal cleanup, rebuild their infrastructure and deal with the compliance issues. But In the end, Google announced the plans to distrust all Symantec certificates issued prior to the infrastructure overhaul.

How it will work out, how this all will impact common Internet users and why April 17, 2018 can be the big day for your site? Read more —

Follow These 3 Steps To Improve Your DevOps Performance

The process of gathering a passionate, close-knit and always self-improving DevOps team requires a specific plan. Here are three simple steps you should follow in order to improve the state of things in your company and upraise the DevOps performance:

1st Step: Audit and Planning

2nd Step: Implementation

3rd Step: Maintenance

Each step has a specific roadmap, and if you do not follow it — something is definitely going wrong.  Check them up! —

5 Most Common Myths Of Big Data

When something new appears and the ways of its application are not clear yet, there always is a mix of hype and speculations not backed up by solid proofs. Speaking of Big Data this includes the statements like:

  1. Everyone succeeds with Big Data;
  2. Big Data have to be really big;
  3. Big Data is a crystal globe of a soothsayer;
  4. Big Data costs a fortune;
  5. Big Data is a concern of IT-related businesses only.

Below we will explain what each of these myths is based upon, what are the main reasons for such misbeliefs and what’s really going on

How much would it cost to build a website?

Launching your first website can be a daunting perspective for any entrepreneur. Thus said, this should be an informed decision, made after finding out all the possible circumstances.

  1. How can we save money using website building platforms?
  2. What are the bad practices one should avoid while building a website?
  3. How much would it cost to build a website from scratch in Europe, and what’s the cost in Australia?
  4. What fees the market leaders will require, and what to expect from a smaller team.
  5. How well will the work be done?

Check out the answers to these and many other questions in our latest article →