The Ten IT industry rules that will never get old

Nowadays IT industry is full of youngsters with flashing eyes that speak of Agile soft development, DevOps workflows, artificial intelligence, cyber security, immutable infrastructure, Big Data analytics, machine learning models and other buzzwords.

However, if modern programmers want to deliver superb products and succeed, they have to know at least some of the well-tried practices.These 10 listed IT rules remain unchanged, though they have evolved together with the industry:

  1. Open-source products are as good as proprietary;
  2. Keep the hardware safe to ensure the security of the software;
  3. The secure product is more important than a secure workplace;
  4. Test often, test a lot, test in the cloud;
  5. There should be a strict control of production environment updates;
  6. Be Agile, iterate and interact with the team and the customer;
  7. The team is the main asset of any business;
  8. Integral software ecosystems are superior to disparate islands with automated updates along the links;
  9. IT department should suggest and discuss, not silently follow orders;
  10. IT team is the main driver of change throughout the whole business.

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The Most Awesome Blockchain Projects Of The Last Year

The interest in blockchain is steaming and the hype train does not show any sign of slowing down. However, as Bitcoin becomes mostly a toy for the rich investors, much of the small- and mid-size blockchain projects are coming on the stage and become a gold mine for all the experienced and aware market players.

Here’s the list of Blockchain projects that gained significant traction in the last year. These are divided into following categories:

  1. Currencies (including the ones with emphasis on privacy)
  2. Developer tools (smart contracts, scaling, oracles, security, compliance, etc.)
  3. Fintech (trading, insurance, lending, investment management, etc.)
  4. Security (governance, communication, identity protection, etc.)
  5. Value exchange (content monetization, file storage, mesh networking, etc.)
  6. Shared data (IoT, logistics, content curation, reputation management, etc.)
  7. Authenticity (data values, ticketing systems, etc.)

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The Security Vulnerabilities in Elasticsearch Cluster

More than a thousand NFL players and their agents realized that their personal data compromised this January. All because of several Elasticsearch security vulnerabilities. Nearly 4 thousand Elasticsearch machines deployed on AWS have been infected with JackPOS and AlinaPOS malware.

How was this even possible? Will your Elastic cluster be also hacked? Are you still sure your workflow is absolutely secured? Here are some steps to follow in order to improve the protection of ES cluster and hanging thieves out to dry! —

But from the get-go, all the projects that demand using the Elastic cluster, have to be protected with a third-party authentication module to prevent any potential security breach through weak ES authentication protocols.

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Searching For Outsourcing Provider


The outsourcing is not merely an option anymore, it is rapidly becoming the main way of doing business for many companies, both startups and established enterprises alike.

The benefits of IT outsourcing are multiple and cannot be underestimated: a ready team of highly experienced professionals that begin working on a project at once, SLA and NDA protection, saving costs and shortens the time as an experienced contractor provides the team with an established workflow.

But still there are 5 common mistakes the businesses must avoid while searching for outside assistance:

  1. Don’t go for the cheapest offer;
  2. Don’t go for the shiny brand;
  3. Don’t go for multiple contractors;
  4. Don’t split the workflow and tasks;
  5. Don’t expect the contractor to do the work forever.

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To Go Cloud-Native Or Just Lift And Shift The Application

‘Should we go cloud-native or just lift and shift the application’ — this question sooner or later arises to most IT companies. And when it comes out — it’s better to think twice! Here are just some cases when the apps can be safely lifted and shifted to the cloud:

  • Commercial customer-facing apps that have clear-to-define patterns of resource usage and client-server interactions
  • On-prem systems that will never need intense autoscaling, like HR systems, internal wikis, FAQs and other resources
  • Drastic production relocation in the face of data center lease contract termination

But we’ve gathered all the pros and cons concerning this issue so you could make an informed decision →

The ways how blockchain can help fight the climate change

Have you heard about the usage of swarm intelligence, the collective behavior, in the fight against climate change? Well, the blockchain technology can make a significant contribution to its improvement!

Learn about 5 ways the business can follow in order to maximize its profits while helping to solve ecological issues:

  1. The recycling efficiency;
  2. The food supply chains transparency;
  3. The energy grid performance;
  4. The environmental treaties compliance;
  5. The charity expenditures.

We live at the beginning of a new millennium, and relying on old and trusted ways just doesn’t work anymore →

The Report of DevOps Adoption in 2017

The statistics from the reports about DevOps adoption clearly show that the organizations that do undergo the DevOps see significant improvements in their software delivery practices and are able to achieve their intended business goals.

However, cultural traditions are harder to break and unless a true collaboration and knowledge sharing take place — certain challenges arise.

In the following article you’ll learn about:

  • AWS & Azure OS Adoption;
  • Lambda & Docker adoption in AWS;
  • Database technology usage;
  • Web Server technology usage;
  • Security Services Adoption and many more charts and stats!

To read the full report — follow the link: